Beautiful view of Florence, Italy
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Florence from a Different Perspective

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Explore the hidden and unusual parts of the Tuscan capital and experience the view of the city from the river. This unique package gives you the experience of Florence like no other. Stay in a beautiful accommodation, overlooking the city, explore the secrets of the Palazzo Vecchio, the scandals of the Medici family, and untold stories of the papacy during the time of the Renaissance. Find out why Florence is so unique!



Arno River Tour

*private tour

Gaze at Florence from a different perspective.  Take a river boat ride down the windy Arno observing this beautiful city during sunset.  The Arno River was once a key “highway” channel for trading and transporting.  During the Renaissance the Arno was congested with Merchants, Artists, and soldiers from all over Italy and the world. It is majestic and a staple characteristic of this old city.


The Untold Stories of the Renaissance

*walking tour

It is no secret that our textbooks included a refined and cleaner version of history.  Have you wondered what actually happened? Everybody knows deeper and darker secrets lie in the past and we want to dig them up for you in this juicy tour.  Start your journey to uncovering the hidden boudoirs in Florence, learning the secrets of the Papacy and their ties to Florence, and why locals still tremble at the thought of passing by certain areas in the city.  In this tour learn about the sex, drugs, and terrors that loomed over the most prominent cities during the Renaissance. 2.15 hrs

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The Secret Passages of Florence

*walking tour *private

Step into the prodigious Palazzo Vecchio, home to some of the most powerful in Florence’s history.  The “old palace” has hosted the likes of the Medici family, Francesco I, and the Duke of Athens who actually built a secret passageway in fear of being attacked.  The palace is full of clues that indicate the turmoil and secrets that each inhabitant kept.  Like the city of Florence, it is frozen in time.  Filled with mystery.  Take the unique opportunity and navigate your way through.


Free Day

Enjoy the day to explore your destination as you please. We’re happy to recommend some sites if you like.


Free Day

Enjoy the day to explore your destination as you please. We’re happy to recommend some sites if you like.


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We love each destination, so don’t worry – we will make sure you are happy with your accommodation. All properties are ideally-located apartments, villas and boutique hotels, carefully selected based on price, style, and location. Three options will be sent to you with full details upon your booking so you can choose where to stay.


  • 4 Nights Fresh Value accommodation. We will send you customized options in your proposal based on current availability
  • Arno River Tour
  • The Untold Stories of the Renaissance
  • The Secret Passages of Florence