Rejuvenate and Rejoice with Yoga

April 4 - 11, 2021


After a long winter’s hibernation, the days become longer, the weather warmer, and mother-nature starts blossoming again. It’s only fitting we join the party.

This Spring, renew and recharge yourself with this unique yoga experience in Puerto Vallarta.  You’ll have the opportunity to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself with twice-daily meditation, breath-work, and yoga.

Strengthen your body, stretch your mind, and open your heart.

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Xinalani Retreat

Enjoy a world-class yoga retreat center in Mexico. This inspiring hideaway filled with beautiful rooms and eco-friendly activities is the perfect setting for this retreat. This wellness resort provides an extraordinary surrounding for transformation and personal growth.


Deluxe Room 

Single Occupancy: $2495.00

Shared Double: $1895.00

Petite Suite 

Single Occupancy: $2895.00

Shared Double: $2150.00


Artemis Fredette

Yoga Instructor

Teaching is my passion… and my gift.

My workshops are both intense and soul-searching, light and fun! I have been teaching retreats and workshops in mind/body awareness in the US and internationally. I keep things light while going deep. Take a class or a workshop and learn tools for coming into alignment and balance with your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul’s path!

Emma Doyle

First and foremost, I am a practitioner and student of Yoga. Beyond that I write and scribble extensively, surf as much as possible and teach only from personal experience. I spend a lot of my time learning and researching the human experience; from the yoga practice to creativity, meditation to making a mess, essential oils to an appropriate way to engage your transverse abdominis.

Forever learning and developing, I aim to move the authority back to my students to empower and observe patterns and habits that no longer serve. Grounded in the knowledge that we are our own internal GPS, we can move in a way that liberates us from outdated beliefs and movement patterns.

My ultimate goal is to provide a metaphorical toolbox. Each practice either develops tools already introduced, fine-tuning and sharpening, or introduces another tool to stash for the future. If we can continually tend to our toolbox, we will never be at a loss for what to bring into each situation. Move through life with ease, armed with your toolbox of experience and teachings.

My classes reflect a lifetime of movement experimentation, athleticism and self-study. With the belief that yoga goes hand in hand with curiosity, my classes are dynamic and playful. Expect Vinyasa to be full of laughter and exploration and Restorative to be rooted in awareness and ease.

I currently teach at Glow Yoga Studio and Quiet Mind Studio on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.



Prices are all-inclusive and include workshop tuition, deluxe accommodations, 3 delicious and healthy meals /day, and round trip transportation from the PV airport.


Airfare, Beverages, Gratuities

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