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The Bewitching Bay

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This is the ultimate Halloween weekend getaway because everyday is halloween in Salem.  New England is home to the historic witch trials, a past that has left a stain in history. During this experience you will have the opportunity to learn about Salem’s haunting past. Who were the witches? Were these women fact or fiction? Does witchcraft even exist?  Just because something is buried doesn’t mean it’s gone. Consider this perfect for all interested in getting a good spook and having fun.



Bewitched: Stories of Salem

From the mass hysteria that gripped the city in 1692 to the trials and mysterious happenings that surrounded the historical event…hear the real stories, frightening facts and pure fiction behind the infamous Salem Witches. A Salem local will set the record straight and show you the colonial town of Salem as you follow the dark steps that were walked by these innocent souls who were condemned over 300 years ago. The tour includes over 15 stops including Salem’s old jail which once housed the Boston Strangler, the Witch Trial Memorial, and scenes from the movie Hocus Pocus. Just don’t be caught by the spirit of the colonial Tory that haunts the mansion he lived in during the Revolution. 1.5 hrs


House of The Seven Gables

Take part in Salem’s ultimate historic experience, where over 350 years of colonial history awaits you at the seaside Turner-Ingersoll Mansion. This house, which famously inspired the title one of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s infamous novels, is as mysterious and story-filled as its literary namesake. Come hear the tales of retribution and colonial life at this historical home. 35-45 min.


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  • Bewitched: Stories of Salem
  • House of the Seven Gables