Chic & Unique

Ultimate Rainforest Adventure

3 nights/ from


Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with our five day Amazonian adventure! Feel like a local native but still enjoy the comforts of a fabulous retreat in our Peruvian Rainforest package.



Medicine Man

Learn about natural remedies indigenous to the Peruvian Rainforest from a local medicine man. Hear how Mother Nature herself can heal and improve skin and health, with knowledge passed down for generations.


Local Life: Tropical Farming Village

Get a glimpse at life as a local “Infierno” resident by visiting a native organic farm that cultivates tropical plants like papaya, yucca, bananas, and others. Proud of their heritage and way of life, people from the community are happy to show guests the type of farm that most of them grew up with. As your guide translates, you will learn all about farm life and will also have the opportunity to see, smell, touch and taste fruits you’ve never heard of such as the Copuazu, ‘Fish-eye’ Chili, and Cocona.


Parrot Watching at Clay Lick

It is still unknown exactly why parrots eat clay. However, one this is certain – watching a flock of brilliantly colored parrots descend upon the mound is a sight not to be missed. From a discreet blind, watch parrots and parakeets of various breeds, including Mealy and Yellow-crowned Amazons, Blue-headed Pionus, Severe macaw and Orange-cheeked Parrot. Typically this takes place at dawn or early morning when the birds are most active.


Tower Over the Trees

Climb the tall staircase to see high up in the canopy in the heart of the rainforest. Because trees grow so tall and block the sunlight, much of the rainforest life is high up in the trees. See the rainforest canopy from different perspectives from three different platforms. You might see tamarins, monkeys, toucans, parrots, and sit among trees thousands of years old. Seeing the sun set or rise here is breath-taking.


Chic & Unique ($$)

We love each destination, so don’t worry – we will make sure you are happy with your accommodation. All properties are ideally-located apartments, villas and boutique hotels, carefully selected based on price, style, and location. Options will be sent to you with full details upon your booking so you can choose where to stay.


  • Chic & Unique ($$) Accommodation
  • Medicine Man Activity
  • Local Life: Tropical Farming Village visit
  • Parrot Watching at a Clay Lick
  • Tower over the Trees Activity
  • All transfers to/from Airport