4 Themed Girl Trips You Have to Take Now

November 4, 2017

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When it comes to a girls getaway, put a little spin on it! We’re digging these four themed girl trips for what’s sure to be a weekend of fun.

1. Bonding Belles

You’ve been dreaming of sipping iced tea on a porch swing, or mingling with modern-day Rhett Butlers with irresistible accents. Gather the ladies and head South to Charleston for a weekend as true belle besties! Visit the quaint Antebellum sites and enjoy true Southern hospitality.

2. Cowgirls Getaway

Yee-haw! Head out west to Arizona for a true cowgirl’s getaway as your ride horses and drive cattle on the straight and narrow with real ranchers. The great part is, you can do this for an afternoon then spa it another day – or you can stick to it and spend the trip on a gorgeous ranch. The choice is yours.

3. Hex in the City

Oh yes, you heard right. You and your baddest witches can head to Boston where the famed Salem area celebrates the history and mystery of the witch trials and all things spooky through fun tours and activities. This is great in Fall, but also any time of year! And if casting spells becomes a bore, you can park your brooms on Newbury Street for some posh shopping as well.

4. Valley Girls

It’s time to express your inner valley girl. Sonoma Valley, that is. Indulgence is the key word of this trip, from amazing culinary treats to top wines and experts to guide you through delicious tastings and pairings. From large luxe restaurants to quaint family-owned vineyards, there’s something for everyone.

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