Ladies, we can’t contain our excitement. To launch our hottest new destination we have partnered with the super cool Indie bridal shop Lovely Bride and wonderfully chic Archer Hotel to bring you the ultimate getaway giveaway (say that five times fast). Grab your spurs and head south to the funky city for this girls getaway in Austin!

Enter to win for you and SEVEN of your gal pals. The winner will receive a two night stay (in two rooms) with luxury accommodations in Archer’s Double King Guest Rooms and our signature leather luggage tags for each girl in the color of your choice. And in true Shefari style, we’ll suggest our favorite boutiques, top brunch spots, and more – in other words, the true art of traveling for the perfect girls getaway in Austin.

Here are the complete instructions on how to enter.

The contest ends November 22, 2018 and the winner will be announced + contacted on November 23, 2018.

Go get ’em, girls!

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When it comes to a girls getaway, put a little spin on it! We’re digging these four themed girl trips for what’s sure to be a weekend of fun.

1. Bonding Belles

You’ve been dreaming of sipping iced tea on a porch swing, or mingling with modern-day Rhett Butlers with irresistible accents. Gather the ladies and head South to Charleston for a weekend as true belle besties! Visit the quaint Antebellum sites and enjoy true Southern hospitality.

2. Cowgirls Getaway

Yee-haw! Head out west to Arizona for a true cowgirl’s getaway as your ride horses and drive cattle on the straight and narrow with real ranchers. The great part is, you can do this for an afternoon then spa it another day – or you can stick to it and spend the trip on a gorgeous ranch. The choice is yours.

3. Hex in the City

Oh yes, you heard right. You and your baddest witches can head to Boston where the famed Salem area celebrates the history and mystery of the witch trials and all things spooky through fun tours and activities. This is great in Fall, but also any time of year! And if casting spells becomes a bore, you can park your brooms on Newbury Street for some posh shopping as well.

4. Valley Girls

It’s time to express your inner valley girl. Sonoma Valley, that is. Indulgence is the key word of this trip, from amazing culinary treats to top wines and experts to guide you through delicious tastings and pairings. From large luxe restaurants to quaint family-owned vineyards, there’s something for everyone.

It’s over. And it’s looking like you are never, ever, ever getting back together. Before your spoon goes deep-diving into a pint of Chunky Monkey and you get lost in a 1940s movie marathon, wondering why dating isn’t like that anymore, we’d like you to rethink a fabulous alternative: the get-over-it getaway. Since you’ve arrived in destination Splitsville, we say the only thing to do is grab some friends and keep on traveling! Here are our 5 favorite heartbreak hotels for when you need a little inspiration and adventure.

Zero George Street, Charleston

This quaint boutique hotel’s contemporary, bright atmosphere just washes the blues away and is a lovely historical property in the heart of the Charleston. Engage your brain in an enthralling history tour and walk a plantation, or try a delicious cooking class and get inspired by Southern flavors and Low Country classics with a twist. You might even chance upon a new love interest with a to-die-for Southern drawl.

The Urban Cowboy, Nashville

If you’re seeking some boot-scootin’ fun, look no further than the suites at the Urban Cowboy. Located conveniently in East Nashville, you’re near all the hustle and bustle of Nashville’s night life with your very own stylish retreat to come home to. We recommend the Watchtower, the property’s most unique suite. After a night of whiskey and delicious BBQ, be sure to recuperate with the Tennessee Full-Body Detox, Shefari’s favorite spa treatment in Nashville with HydralFacial treatment and detox body wrap.

Dream Downtown, New York City

Dream Downtown is just that – a dreamy urban oasis for your perfect Manhattan jaunt. We love the pet-friendly rooms as well as the concierge services that get you into New York’s hottest places. Definitely try the Risky & Risque Museum tour, or the Ultimate Sex & the City Experience for unparalleled retail therapy in true Carrie style.

The Hollywood Roosevelt

The cabanas poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt might just be one of our favorite places to be. The Roosevelt has its own retro Cali charm that we just can’t get enough of, and with proximity to all of LA’s hottest sites and places. We suggest scoping West Hollywood for the hottest bars and amazing food scene.

Be Tulum, Mexico

Forget Cancun – Tulum is Mexico’s hottest destination and Be Tulum might be its best kept secret.  Nestled between jungle and sand, the property has unique designed rooms each built in native materials. Explore the incredible Sian Ka’an Reserve, and for something truly unique, give the ancient Mayan Spa & Temazcal ceremony a try. You won’t regret it.

Curious clients and inquisitive Instagrammers ask us from time to time, “So…what exactly is the art of traveling?” We answer, it’s our philosophy. It’s our mission. It’s our company’s reason for being. But what is it really about?


This world that we live in is a busy, stressful place. People are juggling a number of elements. Career. Parenthood. Relationships. Expectations. Competition. We’re impatiently tapping our feet in line for a triple java because even sleep is hard to fit in our limited 24-hour window of a day. In general, life can get tough. As human connection researcher Brené Brown put it, “We are the most in-debt, obese, medicated, and addicted adult cohort in US history.” Ouch.


We stepped back and decided, we didn’t just want to be another travel company. We wanted to inspire. Connect. Show the beauty of our world. Remind one another of mindfulness. Promote living in the here and now. And “the art of traveling” was born as our driving force.


It is not a concept of luxury, but of wholeness – an essential part of truly feeling alive and enjoying our world. It is a critical notion in connection with the larger picture of the French term “l’art de vivre”, or the art of living a life fulfilled. In fact, travel makes up a fundamental component as pointed out by the HuffPost.


In practice, the art of traveling is letting a tour guide walk you through history as if you were there, envisioning all of the colorful details of the ancient culture. Slowing down in a sunny Sonoma vineyard to learn the anatomy of wine from a sommelier – how it breathes, tastes, and feels. Leaving your phone behind while digging your hands into home-made dough and wood-firing your very own Italian pizza. Learning how to dance to the rhythm of a new culture in ways you never thought possible – feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by your travel companions.


If we can help a family, a group of lifelong friends, or a newlywed couple connect on the trip of a lifetime – then our hearts are full.


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