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November 21 - December 3, 2021 $4,499.00/per person

Shefari does Thailand!

Explore this unique Indonesian country that is bursting with personality.  Our experiences will be full of amazing food, unique culture, breath-taking nature, and pristine island life.  This is the perfect trip for anybody that is looking for a mix of spirituality, adventure, and relaxation all while exploring and discovering new terrains! Join us for this once in a lifetime experience.

May 22 – May 30, 2021 $3,899.00/per person

Blue domes. Turquoise waters. Red rock. Fuchsia bougainvillea. No matter how many times we visit, the vibrance of Greece’s color and culture inevitably splashes into our souls with an energy only the Mediterranean can bring. We’ve curated the perfect mix of quaint and cosmopolitan spots, so join us and come alive in the Greek Isles.

September 14-24, 2021 $3,599.00/per person

Uncover the ancient secrets and unlock incredible feminine power on this journey through Egypt. Feel the energy of Hatshepsut, the world’s first female all-powerful pharoah. Discover where the Holy Family lived in Cairo. Meander through the bazaar to find healing stones, oils, and craft your personalized “cartouche” in hieroglyphics. See the pyramids through the eyes of women past as you bond with likeminded women on this adventure.

April 29 - May 4 $3,899.00/per person

In the past few years Iceland has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue and with good reason. Its dramatic landscape is extraordinary from its volcanos, natural hot springs, waterfalls, and massive glaciers. Your time here will truly be one of a kind and unforgettable.  Iceland hosts experiences ranging for the truly adventurous to the luxury spa traveler and everything in-between. Out of all the Nordic nations it is also the most affordable with the Viking charm you could ask for! Join us on our own Iceland adventure with a Shefari twist!



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