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March 29-April 8, 2022 $4,499.00/per person

SheFari does Thailand!

Explore this unique Southeast Asian country that is bursting with personality.  Our experiences will be full of amazing food, unique culture, breath-taking nature, and pristine island life.  This is the perfect trip for anybody that is looking for a mix of spirituality, adventure, and relaxation all while exploring and discovering new terrains! Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Oct 1-10, 2021 $7,230.00/per person

A 10-day exclusive tour of Sicily led by a geographer and art historian. Sicily is a veritable treasure chest of art, history, color and culture, where fabulous food and wine meet spectacular landscapes.

June 18-30, 2022 $3,435.00/per person

Bali and Flores offer so much more than the typical images of yoga retreats and green smoothies. Join us as we uncover a more authentic side of these islands through delving deeper into the history of textiles, cooking traditional foods, connecting with community leaders, witnessing local dance and music, exploring incredible natural beauty, and learning about local religion and culture.

September 9-16, 2021 $5,115.00/per person

An 8-day trip through the little-known Aveyron region. Explore a place where the French go on holiday and is filled with many of the most beautiful villages in France. You will get to discover the secrets of this fairytale land rich with foie gras, rolling fields, hearty red wines and Roquefort cheese – one of the real hidden gems of France.

October 14-20, 2021 $4,679.00/per person

This is a 7-day culinary trip to Michoacán. Join Iliana de la Vega and cultural anthropologist/journalist Isabel Torrealba and explore Michoacán’s culinary offerings, eating your way through food stalls and high-end restaurants while tracing the rich history of this gorgeous state that is largely off-the-beaten-tourist-track.

October 9-15, 2021 $5,350.00/per person

Have you ever dreamed of Provençale hilltop villages, Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards, olive trees with glistening ripe olives dripping from them? What about strolling through a farmers market in Provence and selecting farm-fresh produce for your countryside picnic? On this 7-day trip,  you’ll be able to see and experience the very best that this region has to offer.  We know from experience that Provence is a place that will live in your heart for many years to come.

October 12-21, 2021 $5,875.00/per person

France has inspired writers dating back to Roman times.

This tour, which spans the three most beloved regions of France, is designed to take you back in time to soak up the atmosphere, museums, boardwalk strolls, literary haunts, and the spirits of literature’s greatest talents and France’s best artists.

October 4-10, 2021 $6,200.00/per person

Discover Marie Antoinette’s France and walk in her footsteps through 18th century Paris and Versailles. You will discover restaurants, cafés and shops fit for royalty. This is your chance to live like a French queen… seize it!

November 6 -14, 2021 $9,128.00/per person

On this 9-day safari, discover Kenya’s rich wildlife and diverse cultures with Rupi Mangat, a leading Kenyan travel writer who lives in this tropical paradise on the Equator, the denizen of big game – elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetahs and raptors.

November 1-7, 2021 $2,995.00/per person

Join our amazing women on an incredible adventure of luxury and self-care through Portugal. From five-star suites to exquisite dining, our small-group adventure will invigorate and renew as you take in the highlights of this stunning and vibrant country.

You’ll discover the Douro River Valley, Oporto, Aveiro, and Costa Nova while enjoying luxurious, indulgent touches and activities along the way.

Spring 2022 - To Be Announced $3,899.00/per person

Blue domes. Turquoise waters. Red rock. Fuchsia bougainvillea. No matter how many times we visit, the vibrance of Greece’s color and culture inevitably splashes into our souls with an energy only the Mediterranean can bring. We’ve curated the perfect mix of quaint and cosmopolitan spots, so join us and come alive in the Greek Isles.

Sept 11-21, 2021 $3,725.00/per person

This is an 11-day photographic workshop with photographer Julia Cumes. Greece is a photographer’s dream with vibrant colors, ancient architecture, friendly people and a thriving music and dance culture.

Explore historic Athens and the alluring Cyclades Islands of Naxos, Amorgos and Santorini. Wander through old villages, photograph beautiful vistas, indulge in delicious cuisine and explore the exquisite coastline.

Sept 4-17, 2021 $3,375.00/per person

This is a 14-day journey through the gorgeous landscape of central Georgia. Often overlooked, Georgia is an emerging hidden gem at the intersection between Europe and Asia. Georgia is famous for its diverse architecture, stunning landscapes, amazing cuisine, and ancient traditions of winemaking. 

May 1-8, 2022 $3,799.00/per person

Uncover the ancient secrets and unlock incredible feminine power on this journey through Egypt. Feel the energy of Hatshepsut, the world’s first female all-powerful pharoah. Discover where the Holy Family lived in Cairo. Meander through the bazaar to find healing stones, oils, and craft your personalized “cartouche” in hieroglyphics. See the pyramids through the eyes of women past as you bond with like-minded women on this adventure.

March 15-20, 2022 $3,899.00/per person

A Nordic island like no other, Iceland holds experiences certain to indulge all travelers from truly adventurous to the luxury-seeking spa-goer, and everything in-between!

A terrain active and alive with Viking spirit, there is so much to explore and uncover. From the dreamy northern lights to its dramatic landscapes. Your time here will be unforgettable.

December 11 -17, 2021 $5,178.00/per person

A fairytale trip into the heart of Christmas.  This 7-day trips starts and ends in Strasbourg, the heart of Europe, and includes two nights in Switzerland. Be transported and inspired by medieval castles, storybook villages, twinkly lights and hearty meals. Indulge in the stunning waters of a cutting-edge spa, and munch on delicious bites at the colorful markets full of amazing finds and ambience.

November 30 - December 6, 2021 $4,670.00/per person

Spend a week experiencing the holiday magic of the Alsace region of France.  Medieval castles, storybook villages, Christmas markets, mulled wine and hearty fare will inspire you for the season. Plunge into this special atmosphere in style, mixing historic visits of castles, luxury accommodation and authentic cuisine off the beaten track.

September 29 - October 5, 2021 $5,085.00/per person

A 7-day trip through the Loire Valley –  legendary for its magnificent chateaux, gorgeous gardens, charming villages, incomparable wine and regional cuisine.



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