Our Journey

Our journey begins with a dream to reinvent yours.

As best friends and travel buddies, we saw an opportunity to redefine group travel for women. We envisioned impactful trips that could inspire, heal, transform, energize, teach, and unite – packed with everything we loved about group trips, minus everything we didn’t. So we created SheFari, the first of its kind curated collection of journeys for and by women.

Our goal is simple: to connect incredible females through the art of traveling. From entrepreneurial and professional development, to spirituality and wellness…we’ve got you covered in some of the most beautiful destinations and stylish stays worldwide. Ready to find your inner goddess in Egypt? Or follow the footsteps of Mary Magdalene in Southern France? Browse our trips Destination, Style, or Date to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Wherever we’re at on our own journeys, sometimes it takes a journey together to remind us that we thrive most in connection with others. Let us help you travel well.

Our Difference

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  • Empower
  • Personalize
  • Transform
  • Connect

We apply our philosophy of uplifting women to every aspect of SheFari, from working with female business owners globally, as often as we scholarships for our entrepreneurial retreats. A lot of incredible women are behind the unique itineraries designed for our dynamic travelers.

Every aspect is designed for and by women. We account for safety and comfort above all, while presenting our experiences through a uniquely female lens. We have trip styles to help guide your choices, but often our journeys will classify as more than one – because they’re multi-faceted, like you.

Now how can that be, on a group trip? Simple. We don't pack the days dawn to dusk, sightseeing like a herd. We leave plenty of time for personal outings, reflection, or just taking in the moment…because, after all, it’s your getaway.

We also offer additional activities and can craft you a customized itinerary before or after your SheFari to extend your experience.

After the year we've all had, who isn't ready for some beautiful, life-changing transformation? Am I right? From She Restores to She Succeeds and everything in between, we want to help you renew, discover, grow, and thrive in some of the world's most inspiring places alongside incredible women.

And most of all, we wanted to facilitate true, open-hearted connection.

A safe place to share your thoughts. A respite to release whatever you’re carrying and immerse yourself in the beautiful destination and company around you. An adventure to laugh, learn, expand your personal limits, and come back to your life reinvigorated. Simply put, to make sure that whatever you sought to gain from your trip, you will – and loads more.

Nektaria Panagiotari
A SheFari is…rejuvenating and authentic, creating that irreplaceable aura that women have when together. 
Christina Tucholski
A SheFari is...part retreat, part girls trip, part adventure of a lifetime. SheFaris are the perfect travel cocktail.

Personal & Curated

It's How We Roll

For us, it’s personal. And we aim to keep it personal. We love technology as much as everyone else, but we believe in the power of the human-created experience. We love chatting on the phone, working with you to discover what and where will make your perfect shefari. Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t have a massive database and algorithms to propose your itineraries. We believe your style, your interests, and your dream vacations are far too important to be automated. Besides, we’re more Sonoma than Silicon Valley, anyways.


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