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Looking to build an incredible retreat packed with transformation, adventure, and best of all profitability? Cringing to tackle the tedious planning and logistics? Stressed by the legal requirements and all the liability headaches?

Good news! Retreats are our jam.

In addition to our own group journeys, SheFari helps overwhelmed retreat planners return to zen and build creative, transformative and highly lucrative retreats by providing full planning and detailed logistics as well as ready-to-use legal templates and personalized revisions to make liability a breeze, no matter where your retreat destination is.

Bottom line? You get to do you: create that incredible, life-changing retreat content and focus on the experience while leaving the rest to us.

How about a totally free contract + liability checklist plus a bonus Greek retreat guideline to get you started?

Get your free legal checklist!

The Complete Package

Our Complete Retreat Planning + Legal Essentials Package includes:

  • A complimentary 30-min Retreat Starter Call to discover your goals, vision, and strategy so we can craft your tailored retreat
  • Complete customized proposal and up to three detailed revisions of your dream retreat
  • Handling of all transportation, scheduling, and logistics
  • Access to incredible destinations, venues, and activities in Greece through our vast network of vendors
  • Discount and preferred pricing that we receive as a travel agency and pass along to you
  • Stunning professional itineraries with your logo for you and your attendees
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Clear and convenient payments
  • Complete legal documentation and guidance
  • Planning and communication support along the way

Other retreat planning services and legal tool kits cost upwards of $2,000.

Our affordable Complete Retreat Planning + Legal Essentials Package is available for only $697.

Legal Essentials

If you have the planning covered but need some guidance on contracts and liability, look no further than our comprehensive Legal Essentials package:

  • A complimentary 30-min Retreat Starter Call to discover your retreat type and legal needs
  • Our Clear and Complete Contract Template you simply fill in and tailor to your retreat, including:
    • Terms & Conditions to put on your site or purchase agreements
    • Terms of Service Agreement
    • Liability Release form
    • Photo & Media Release form

Don’t spend thousands on legal templates…our Legal Essentials package is available for only $197.


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