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June 18-30, 2022 $3,435.00/per person

Bali and Flores offer so much more than the typical images of yoga retreats and green smoothies. Join us as we uncover a more authentic side of these islands through delving deeper into the history of textiles, cooking traditional foods, connecting with community leaders, witnessing local dance and music, exploring incredible natural beauty, and learning about local religion and culture.

November 1-7, 2021 $2,995.00/per person

Join our amazing women on an incredible adventure of luxury and self-care through Portugal. From five-star suites to exquisite dining, our small-group adventure will invigorate and renew as you take in the highlights of this stunning and vibrant country.

You’ll discover the Douro River Valley, Oporto, Aveiro, and Costa Nova while enjoying luxurious, indulgent touches and activities along the way.

January 13-18, 2022 $5,650.00/per person

Get a fresh start to the year at a 6-day wellness retreat in beautiful Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, a charming coastal village tucked amid palm-lined beaches on the Pacific side of the Nicoya peninsula. Not long ago, Santa Teresa was a remote fishing village. Today, visitors come to enjoy its off-the-beaten track feel for relaxation and surfing. The area boasts a number of beautiful white sand beaches, consistent waves perfect for surfing, and unbelievable sunsets.



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