“Our experience was INCREDIBLE! There is no way we would have thought to plan such a cool trip without Shefari. All of the tours and guides were great, the people were very kind to us, and the restaurants you recommended were perfect, everywhere. The hotel upgraded us to the honeymoon suite…holy cow amazing!!”

– Maggie & Clint
Honeymoon in Greece



“I’ve learned so much about content, social media, and honing your brand and focusing on messaging to your target demo. A lot of what I would take back is the inspiring stories from other entrepreneurs. This is really about the connections and fellow attendees, and knowing you have other women to rely on in business…I crave being in masterminds with women, and I can’t wait to hear the full Shefari retreat schedule!”

– Kristin
She Succeeds Retreat in Greece



“The tour guide for the Vatican was phenomenal. So glad we went with the private tour. She had a Masters in Art and really took the extra time to tell us stories and show us the city. My mom and sister loved it. We keep saying our trip went so, so smoothly and was simply amazing. That is all because of you.”

– Cecilia
Mother-Daughter Trip in Italy



“I think the best part has been the fact that we have been able to meet female entrepreneurs,  really get to know one another, learn from one another, and I’m feeling more energized leaving this week….The sessions have been amazing…I have an entire notebook of details I’m taking away and looking to incorporate into my biz. One beautiful thing is the ability to learn from a variety of different people in their journeys, and at different levels in their journeys, and all the wonderful connections we’ve made.”

– Amanda
She Succeeds Retreat in Greece



“It was powerful, it was a place where I could be around like-minded women and grow my business. The sessions have been incredible, such high-level women to teach us and so much to be learned about business strategy, marketing, what it means to be a high-level entrepreneur. I people who I know one day I’ll work with in my business in so many capacities. Everyone has their unique talent, and that’s been the best part of gaining knowledge from every individual.”

– Julie
She Succeeds Retreat in Greece



“The sessions have been better than I ever could have expected, and I’ve learned more than I could tell you. I have a notebook full of ideas and tools to begin to implement in my business. Connecting with the ladies has been the best part…everyone has been super supportive of each other. ”

– Alexia
She Succeeds Retreat in Greece



“This is AMAZING! I can tell that you love what you do. 🙂 Thank you for all of your hard work!”

– Lauren
Family Trip in the UK


“We are in heaven…..truly amazing!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE. Everything is AMAZING!!!! The hotels were great. Service was wonderful.  Favorite part was the catamaran.”

– Talin
Family Trip in Greece



“Thank you so much for helping us and booking our Greece trip… loved it.”

– Hera
Family trip in Greece



“All was just great, really appreciate it, all was done professionally. I am looking forward to have you in other trips.”-

– Mohammed
Destination Wedding & Honeymoon in Greece



“This is way over due, but late is better than never 😉 I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us, every step of the way. We will treasure and remember forever the good time we had, the amazing hotels we stayed in, and the beautiful places we visited, great thanks to you. Looking forward to more planned trips by #Shefaritravel.”

– Rita
Family Trip in Greece



“My supervisor and his family loved the trip to Greece. I wanted to truly thank you for everything you did to help me with the arrangements. If you’re ever in Dubai please let me know, I will happily help you with arrangements ?. Take care and will be in touch if we ever come to Greece! Thanks again!”

– Sally
Destination Wedding & Honeymoon in Greece


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