Better Living Through the Art of Traveling

September 18, 2017

Curious clients and inquisitive Instagrammers ask us from time to time, “So…what exactly is the art of traveling?” We answer, it’s our philosophy. It’s our mission. It’s our company’s reason for being. But what is it really about?


This world that we live in is a busy, stressful place. People are juggling a number of elements. Career. Parenthood. Relationships. Expectations. Competition. We’re impatiently tapping our feet in line for a triple java because even sleep is hard to fit in our limited 24-hour window of a day. In general, life can get tough. As human connection researcher Brené Brown put it, “We are the most in-debt, obese, medicated, and addicted adult cohort in US history.” Ouch.


We stepped back and decided, we didn’t just want to be another travel company. We wanted to inspire. Connect. Show the beauty of our world. Remind one another of mindfulness. Promote living in the here and now. And “the art of traveling” was born as our driving force.


It is not a concept of luxury, but of wholeness – an essential part of truly feeling alive and enjoying our world. It is a critical notion in connection with the larger picture of the French term “l’art de vivre”, or the art of living a life fulfilled. In fact, travel makes up a fundamental component as pointed out by the HuffPost.


In practice, the art of traveling is letting a tour guide walk you through history as if you were there, envisioning all of the colorful details of the ancient culture. Slowing down in a sunny Sonoma vineyard to learn the anatomy of wine from a sommelier – how it breathes, tastes, and feels. Leaving your phone behind while digging your hands into home-made dough and wood-firing your very own Italian pizza. Learning how to dance to the rhythm of a new culture in ways you never thought possible – feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by your travel companions.


If we can help a family, a group of lifelong friends, or a newlywed couple connect on the trip of a lifetime – then our hearts are full.

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