How to Use a Women’s Entrepreneurial Retreat To Build Your Bottom Line

June 13, 2019

Women's Entrepreneurial Retreats are an amazing way to increase your bottom line

Gather with like-minded women to build your business and the life of your dreams.


When you scrolling through Instagram you may encounter one of those dreamy, post-card perfect retreats. From your workspace, you practically feel the sun warm your face and hear the lulling tide. You may even imagine the inspiration and renewal you’ll feel, not to mention the lifelong friends and business besties you’ll make. A women’s entrepreneurial retreat sounds like the perfect way to add momentum to your personal and professional life. Then, the inevitable happens. You cringe and brace for the price tag, adding up just how many clients you’d have to nail to really afford it.

Before your dream fizzles, consider mapping out the value a retreat delivers, and how it’s really an investment in your future. How can a women’s entrepreneurial retreat affect your business? Could a retreat actually be the key to making MORE money and creating the lifestyle on your vision board?

Read on for 5 ways you can use a women’s entrepreneurial retreat to your financial advantage.


on a women's entrepreneurial retreat you can network and increase your bottom line

Network with a purpose on an entrepreneurial retreat.


Invest in your company’s most valuable asset: YOU.

Sure, this may be one you’ve heard before. But there’s a reason for it. It’s been proven that a vacation – at the very least a change of scenery – improves productivity. And creativity. Energy. Health. Ambition. Relationships. Fill in the blank. A mindful, intentional vacation such as a retreat is a great way to refocus and recharge, then come back better equipped to pilot your business. After all, who will refill your tank, if not you?

Learn best practices from a focus group of your professional peers.

A retreat packs a multi-punch. In addition to amazing workshops and sessions, it’s essentially a round table of like-minded people exchanging ideas, including invaluable ones you may have never thought of. You can easily adapt these into your business and boost your bottom line exponentially. Ever wondered: How did she get that many leads from a simple social media campaign? Where did she build that unique niche audience no one else thought of? Take part in a retreat to have these secrets shared with you directly. Genius!

It’s the perfect team-building meet-up if you work on a virtual team.

When you’re connected with VAs, content creators, marketers, and bookkeepers remotely – why not meet in an amazing place where you each can also (a) grow your network (b) develop professionally and (c) touch base on your shared business interest? Many retreats offer “bring a friend” discounts, so it pays to show up in numbers. Bring your team and grow together!

It’s a bona fide business expense.

For true professional retreats, if you incorporate work daily, it is 100%. Tax. Deductible. Vacations can’t boast that. Note that not all retreats are created equal – check with your accountant ahead of time to be sure it meets the requirements.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – but less expensive.

This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit. If you paid for online business courses, coaching, mentorship, networking events, yoga classes, meditation training, professional workshops, and an all-inclusive vacation separately – it would cost far more than a retreat. It would also be a series of one-offs in your busy daily life instead of an incredibly immersive experience. For all of the above reasons – plus that it’s an ideal way to visit a new place – there’s no question as to the value of a retreat. Straight up, it’s a worthwhile investment!

The upcoming Shefari She Succeeds retreat is an amazing way to experience a luxury women's entrepreneurial retreat

Imagine networking with these sunset views?


If this all sounds like something you need, we have you covered! If you’re looking for an upcoming women’s entrepreneurial retreat to jumpstart your business, check out our She Succeeds Women’s Entrepreneurial Retreat this October. Held on the storied island of Corfu, this retreat will be the perfect way to improve your bottom line – personally and professionally!

Did we mention you can WIN the entire retreat via a full scholarship by sharing your story? Click here for more information.

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