June 14, 2016

Four generations of beautiful women sitting together in a camomile field and smiling

Welcome to our brand new site! We hope you like what we’ve done with the place. After countless coffees, brainstorming sessions, vendor meetings, and over two years in the making…our “travel baby” has finally entered the world. So without further ado, we present Shefari.

 You’re all probably wondering, what the heck is a shefari? We created the cheeky term she-fari (get it?) to describe the spirit of the ultimate girlfriend getaway – an adventure with the ladies; the vacation with your friends and “sisters” that is designed at its very core to echo the awesomeness of what this vacation is all about.

Inspiration struck with our own experiences. Two years back, we both planned our own multi-generational trips with moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters and cousins. Laughing. Story-telling. Wine. Laughing again. These were among the best trips of our lives. Afterwards, we thought, this is a feeling surely all women would want to experience. So we looked into it, and sure enough, it’s a growing travel niche that needed some TLC. Enter Shefari.

Research shows women often take girlfriend getaways with their nearest and dearest for special occasions and rites of passage. Big birthday? Career change? Getting married? Getting un-married? Time to find yourself? We got you, girl.

So why the special name? We could have just called it a girls weekend or gal pal vacation. With a shefari, we add our special flavor. We make it just for you – curated destinations, unique activities, and everything else you need to have a great time. Anyone can claim a girls trip, but shefaris are – quite literally – made just for that reason. Everything we thought of was with you in mind. It’s a special type of travel, with very special women, and deserves a special name.

Explore our places to go and things to do, dream up a perfect getaway with our unique Build A Trip, and we hope you’ll see what a shefari is all about. Oh yes, and we know our trips are too good not to share – so we’d be happy to create a trip with the fellas, kids, or any occasion.

If you believe in what we do, please join our tribe and share with the ladies you love.

Happy Shefari-ing!

Christina & Nektaria

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