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We are a new generation of travel planners. A company for and by women.

Our goal is simple: to inspire and connect individuals through the art of traveling. So we’ve crafted travel packages for all of life’s occasions, whether it be a wonderful mother-daughter getaway, a life-changing retreat, or your dream honeymoon.

We offer magnificent destinations and activities, selected with you in mind. Create your own using Build A Trip, browse our collection of transformative travel, or contact us for an custom itinerary just for you.

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We know the hidden restaurants with the most authentic dishes. The small mom-and-pop shops. The best tours among hundreds. The boutique hotels bursting with character whose staff is sure to spoil you.

Our years of experience in planning our own trips – researching, visiting, tasting, testing, touring - have inspired us to create Shefari. Our goal is simple: to provide you an unparalleled “worry-free” vacation you won’t find anywhere else, where all you’re left to do is enjoy with those around you. We'll show you where to go, what to do, and other tips on how to make the most of your precious time.

A vacation is the stories that you bring back with you – and we will give you some great ones.

Watch monkeys play happily high above the rainforest canopy. Sunbathe on pristine beaches that residents conveniently keep quiet. Get VIP access to the Yves Saint Laurent design studio in Paris. Learn how to make homemade pasta at a quaint Tuscan castle, then return home to treat your family and friends.

We have put together breathtaking accommodations, adventurous excursions, and uncommon activities that we think you’ll love. From local guides you can’t find online, to private villas completely off the grid - we bring you access to thrilling, hidden, and unrated treasures.

Whether you are a group of 50-something adventurers looking to set sail, or ready to begin your 30’s by checking off a place on your bucket list, we have the options you need. Browse a collection of hard-to-find places and activities that have been carefully hand-selected, then build your group vacation to suit the occasion. Enjoy the value of a package with the freedom of creating your own personal itinerary, and choose how busy or “un-busy” you’d like to be.

Hard to decide with all these great options? The Shefari team is more than happy to hear your travel dreams and then deliver a proposal just for you. Shoot us an email or give us a ring.

Car pick-ups. Dinner reservations. Confirmations. Tour selections. Entertainment. Schedules. These are just a part of coordinating a group trip – then throw in different interests and personalities.

Enjoy a hassle-free, simple planning process with our unique buildable options and customized proposals that make it a snap. Let us organize it all. Just pick, pack, and enjoy your trip!

I believe that all the magic happens in the detail of whatever you do, which makes me a bit of a perfectionist. My hometown of Cambridge, Mass is also home to some of the best universities.  Boston is a melting pot of cultures and students who flocked from all over the globe to our city. I studied at Simmons where I completed two majors – one was French Literature (I love learning languages and speak four).  Early on, I felt the power and the connection that women have together and why girl-time is so unique. During my senior year I met my first love, Tuscany.  I fell head over heels during my year there.  The art, the wine, the food, the language, even the clouds!  I convinced myself that those were the most beautiful clouds I had ever seen.  I knew I was ruined forever.  I knew that in order to be happy – I had to love what I do and where I was.  I love to dream without boundaries and know the value of hard work and persistence.  For this I credit family that came to America as immigrants.  My work ethic comes from them and it boils down to, “Hard work pays off.” My grandparents were exceptional examples. In an age where many try to cut corners and take the fastest route, I like to go back to the basics.  Genuinely good work is a result of hard work.

I am the ultimate millennial. DIY anything ROCKS, I am all about social media, and can’t sit still.  I hate restrictions and I could easily drive any employer crazy with my need to be flexible.  Shefari was definitely a process but I started the company because every time I thought about setting off, I got butterflies. After all, my first international flight when I was 11 months old. Shefari is built to cater to our pace, our likes, and our ties with friends and family.

Nektaria Panagiotari
Shefari is… a fusion of wanderlust, experiences, fun, laughter, girl-time, and jet-setting to create that irreplaceable aura that women have when together.  It’s rejuvenating and authentic.

Adventure has been instilled in me since childhood. We moved often, and though good-byes were difficult, there was always excitement for the faces and places that lie ahead. My sense of adventure continued in college, where my interest in art history and fashion sent me on a study tour to Paris and London. I admired the intricate architecture, the chic Parisian style, and delighted in calling my parents from an infamous red telephone booth to wish them a Happy New Year. A week in France and England led to a semester in Italy, then work in Greece – each its own glorious adventure.
Besides travel I love musicals, bold colors, artichokes, and leather-bound books. I want to learn the cello and become fluent in five languages. I adore wit and creativity, and I’ve never met a latte I didn’t like. When I’m not planning your next shefari, I can be found painting, drawing, and jogging (fine, walking) to throwback hip-hop. Though planes take me all over the world, my favorite destination is home to Florida, sharing wine and stories with my family.

The Shefari “aha” moment came with an international phone call. My aunt announced that she was coming to Greece, explaining life was too short not to experience it to the fullest and see the places she wanted. She already had her sister, mother, and cousins on board. At her request, we planned the trip of a lifetime for seven of my favorite women, and our first shefari was born.

Christina Tucholski
A Shefari is a feeling that turns to a wonderful memory, one that really matters.  Oh yes, and every grown-up shefari should have wine. Lots of wine. 

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For us, it’s personal. And we aim to keep it personal. We love technology as much as everyone else, but we believe in the power of the human-created experience. We love chatting on the phone, working with you to discover what and where will make your perfect shefari. Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t have a massive database and algorithms to propose your itineraries. We believe your style, your interests, and your dream vacations are far too important to be automated. Besides, we’re more Sonoma than Silicon Valley, anyways.


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