Unexpected Benefits of Mother-Daughter Trips

April 28, 2021

Gifting experiences over things is on the rise, and with good reason. Mother-daughter trips are the perfect way to thank her and to bond in a whole new way, and the science supports it.

Each year as Mother’s Day approaches, we see the usual goods re-emerge on store shelves: mugs with “Best Mom Ever” in elegant script, heart-shaped jewelry in felt boxes, and endless pampering packages. But rather than taking a trip to the spa for a superficial “fix” this year, what about a trip…together! Check out our top benefits of mother-daughter trips below.


Create your dream trip.

Let’s start with the obvious! When you’re not responsible for others – your significant others, siblings, children – something incredible happens. You get to do what you want! Sure, some compromise is involved if you have different interests, but you both can truly relax without worrying about what everyone else on the trip wants to do. As women, we’re natural caretakers. As much as we love everyone, it’s liberating to travel without having to consider others.


See each other in a new light.

Mom, is that you?! Watch your mom let loose and dance without inhibition to a Flamenco guitar. Appreciate your daughter’s talent and eye for photography that you never really noticed before. When we travel and spend consistent time with someone, we may discover new things. Sharing new experiences leads to incredible and meaningful conversation and can add a new facet to your mother-daughter relationship.


Give your brain a boost.

Mothers – and any woman in 2021 – are often encircled in a daily routine of juggling tasks and roles. It seems that we are busier than ever, going through the motions day by day. Instead of worrying about what to make for dinner, swirl your fork in a plate of delectable pasta primavera. Instead of carpooling, take a ride around a Greek island in a 4×4. Mother-daughter trips are perfect for disconnecting and challenging our minds, which actually promotes brain health.

Return stronger than ever.

Studies have shown that travel actually reduces stress and improves happiness. But why? When traveling with someone you have a close bond with, you release good-feeling “caregiving” hormones. Reducing stress has been proven to help you return to your real life more resilient, ready to tackle challenges, and see things from a fresh perspective!


Strengthen your connection. 

A mother-daughter bond is unbreakable, but that doesn’t mean your relationship shouldn’t be nurtured. Take a break from the everyday routine…and your phone (thank you, roaming fees!) You’ll find yourself talking more, sharing, and delighting in each other’s company. Build a deeper connection as you learn more about each other and share new experiences.


Improve your overall health & live longer.

According to a Harvard study, traveling with someone you have a close relationship with can decrease the risk of heart disease, dementia, and depression. Mother-daughter trips included! Right along with these great health benefits are the fact that women with strong relationships actually live longer and reduce stress, which can harm us. So, in addition to having an amazing time, you could be actually promoting longevity, health, and happiness!


Turn back time. 

Traveling with mom can give you a chance to rediscover your identity and the things that inspire you. The safety we feel with our mothers allows us to connect to our inner child. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the day-to-day motions, so to be able to explore, create, and be careless allows us to grow.


Improve other relationships.

There’s actual science behind “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Taking a little break from your daily roles and the people you spend significant time with can actually improve your relationships. In addition to returning refreshed, a little time apart from your family, significant other, or friends can lead to a greater appreciation of one another and improved intimacy.


Boost your creativity.

Have you ever wondered why so many writers and artists travel for inspiration, achieving some of their greats works in unknown places? Hemingway himself was a bit of a jet setter! It’s no coincidence, really. New sights, sounds, and smells all stimulate the creativity synapses in the brain, and traveling is a great way to achieve that. New experiences help open our minds to new possibilities.



Show that she’s important in your life.

Who we choose to spend our precious vacation time with sends a message. It can be a “thank you,” “you’re fun,” or simply a “you matter to me.” Prioritizing time with one another is the best gift you could ever give to a woman that will always love you more than anything.


Excited about mother-daughter trips, but planning sounds overwhelming? If you’re looking for safe and care-free options, explore some of our SheFaris! You and your mom can chase the Northern Lights with us in Iceland, indulge in Portugal, island-hop in Greece, or maybe take a stroll in the Valley of Kings with us in Egypt

Whatever the destination or style, don’t let another year go by. 

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